ISLAMABAD: Queen Maxima of Netherlands, Special Advocate (for inclusive finance for development) of United Nation’s Secretary-General arrived Islamabad along with six-member delegation on Monday morning.

The Duchess of Netherlands was welcomed by Dutch Embassy and Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Both the Queen and foreign Minister shook hands and Mr. Qureshi appreciated her majesty’s remarkable visit to Pakistan.

Meeting with dignitaries & stake holders

Queen Maxima seated a meeting with the stakeholders from both the public and private sector, Chairman of NADRA, Governor of The State Bank of Pakistan and Financial Advisor of Prime Minister along with meeting Mr. President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Mr. Imran khan. During the launch of Micro Payment Gateway, Queen Maxima not just emphasized on financial inclusion, but specifically the financial and digital inclusion of women.

She also visited several small projects in Lahore with the aim of improving economic and social development opportunities and a focus on digital financial services, that will help small business owners develop their businesses.

The appearance of Duchess Queen

On the arrival of Queen Maxima in Pakistan, she was dressed up in a dark brown-colored neutral-toned striped dress with a belt at the waist designed by Zeus and Dione. Compared with Kate Middleton’s outfit during her visit to Pakistan, Kate wore traditional Pakistani dresses throughout her stay in Pakistan and showed great respect towards Pakistani culture. Her Majesty, Queen Maxima was carrying a matching dark brown leather handbag, wearing dark shaded goggles and gold statement earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, according to the US Magazine.

Reaction from the people:

People seemed very happy for her majesty’s visit to Pakistan and warmheartedly welcomed her on Social media. Showing his love and respect to her majesty, one of the Pakistani Artists, named Imran from Imran Art Gallery also made a beautiful portrait of her majesty.

Tayyab Khan wrote, “We welcome Queen Maxima of Netherland to Pakistan.”

Sehrish Khan also welcomed the Queen and also remembered Kate Middleton visit to Pakistan.

After her majesty’s arrival, Queen Maxima can be seen carrying her own files along with her handbag. That is truly a unique thing to witness as normally, we don’t see this kind of behavior from any royal visitor.

Before leaving, The Duchess of Netherlands will also visit Historical Places of Lahore including the Badshahi Mosque, The Lahore Fort, Lahore Museum and the famous Food street of Lahore on her Final day of the visit. Queen Maxima’s visit to Pakistan will end on Wednesday, the 27th of November.

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