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Umrah & Hajj are the best journey’s you can ever travel on in your lifetime. However, most newcomers who embark on this journey for the first time do not know how exactly to perform it step by step. Here is the step by step guide for everyone to follow:

Most important steps for Umrah:


Ihram is a specific dress that Muslims wear when they are ready to perform Hajj or Umrah. This is one of the most important and the starting of any pilgrim’s journey to the holy land of Mecca & Medinah.

Here’s the proper way to wear Ihram:

  • Take a ghusl
  • Wear Ihram
  • Offer two Rakaat of Sunnah
  • Make your intention for Umrah: After making the intention, certain Halal things become Haram for everyone.


Tawaf is another most important ritual/step of Umrah. Umrah cannot be complete without doing Tawaf.

Tawaf means taking rounds around the Holy Kabah seven times.

Here how you will perform Tawaf:

  • Enter Masjid-al-Haram wearing Ihram, you can recite any Dua’s
  • Upon reaching, lift your hand in the direction of Black Stone & say, Allahu Akbar.
  • Start taking rounds around Holy Kabah, with Kabah being on your left side.
  • After you have completed seven rounds, you can go to Maqaam e Ibrahim.


Safa and Marwah are two hills near Mecca. A pilgrim has to climb up the hill Safa and then descend towards hill Marwah. Upon reaching its top, pilgrim again should descend towards hill Safa. This should be repeated 7 times.

This ritual is in remembrance of Hazrat Hajra R.A when she moved among both hills same way in search of water for Her Son, Hazrat Islam A.S

Here’s a step by step way to perform Sayee:

  • Climb up the hill Safa, reach its top, face Kabah when it is visible, and make any supplication while raising your hands.
  • Descend to hill Marwah.
  • Repeat this 7 times. The end is when you reach hill Marwah.


The last crucial step of Umrah is Taqseer. Taqseer means shaving your heads. All males who are performing Umrah should get their heads shaved. Only men are required to completely get their heads shaved, while women only have to cut their hair equal to the length of a fingertip.

After performing taqseer at the end of sayee, your Umrah is officially complete and you can get out of Ihram.

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