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There are few individuals in history who leave their marks in people’s memories. The history of Islam is full of brave personalities who did not hesitate even for a second when they were asked to sacrifice their lives. Hazrat Hamza (RA) is second only to the status of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Islam. Reading to the end you will find some really inspirational traits about this noble of mankind personality.

Your Muslim Lifestyle App makes sure that its users do not forget about them and through our regular blogs about their lives is a reminder of how well they spent their lives in the way of Allah and His religion, which gives us motivation. Today, we will be talking about one of the uncles of Holy Prophet (saw) – Hazrat Hamza, how he accepted Islam and what contributions he made towards the religion of Islam. Stay tuned.

Hazrat Hamza Story: Early Days and Conversion to Islam!

Hamza was a warrior, a hunter, sportsman and mostly interested in day-to-day affairs of the city. Hazrat Hamza was son of Hazrat Abdul Muttalib, the leader of Quraish and Paternal Uncle of Holy Prophet (Saww). His mother’s name was Hallah, who was Paternal cousin of Holy Prophet’s mother, Hazrat Aminah. There are different narrations regarding whether Hazrat Hamza was two or four years younger than Holy Prophet (Saww).

When the revelation was sent upon Holy Prophet (Saww), he called his close relatives towards the religion of Islam. Where some of his uncles openly expressed hatred for the Messenger (saww), Hazrat Hamza did not respond at that moment and went without saying a word.

It was when the persecution on Holy Prophet (Saww) reached heights that Hazrat Hamza had to come to his rescue. Once, Abu Jahl tortured Holy Prophet (saww) greatly, Hazrat Hamza came to know about the incident when he was returning from a hunting tour. He went directly to the gathering of Quraish and stroke Abu Jahl’s head with a bow. It was that time when he openly embraced Islam. And vowed to protect Holy Prophet (saww) in front of Quraish men. Hazrat Hamza’s conversion to Islam was a critical turning point in Messenger’s preaching as now he had the support of one of the brave and influential men of Mecca.

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Hazrat Hamza: Support and Battles

Nickname: Lion of Allah  

He was known by many titles such as Sayyidush-Shuhadaa [The Chief of the Martyrs], Asadullah [The Lion of Allah] and Asadur-Rasul [The Lion of the Prophet]. He was one of the bravest men of Arabia and a well-known officer of Islam. His contributions in the battles are extraordinary, for instance it was he who insisted earnestly that the army of Islam should go out of Madina to fight against the Quraish. He also protected Holy Prophet (Saww) deliberately. Hazrat Hamza was the senior and valiant officer who killed the brave champion of Quraish Shaybah and other enemies in the Battle of Badr. His only aim was to defend truth and virtue to maintain freedom in the lives of human beings.

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Hazrat Hamza: Martyrdom/Shahadat

In the Battle of Badr, Hamza killed Utbah, the father of Hinda. So, Hinda was desperate to take vengeance for her father’s death. Hinda, the wife of Abu Sufyan and the mother of Muawiya, got her chance in the Battle of Uhad.

Who killed Hazrat Hamza?

Hinda appointed an Ethiopian warrior, Wahshi who was the slave of Jabir Mut’am and an uncle of Jibir who had been killed in the battle of Badr. So, she selected him for the task to help achieve her object by hook or by crook. Wahshi was asked to killed three persons, namely Holy Prophet, Hazrat Ali and Hazma. But the Ethiopian warrior said in reply:

I cannot approach Muhammad at all, because his companions are nearer to him than anyone else. Ali too is extraordinarily vigilant in the battlefield. However, Hamzah is so furious that, while fighting, he does not pay any attention to any other side and it is possible that I may be able to make him fall by some trick or by taking him unawares“. Wikipedia

Hinda bribed him with the promise that if he is succeeded, she will set him free. The Wahshi who killed Hazrat Hamza’s martyrdom narrates the event:

On the Day of Uhud I was pursuing Hamzah. He was attacking the centre of the army like a ferocious lion. He killed every one whom he could approach. I hid myself behind the trees and stones, so that he could not see me. He was too busy in fighting. I came out of ambush. Being an Ethiopian, I used to throw my weapon like them (i.e. like the Ethiopians) and it seldom missed the target. I, therefore, threw my javelin towards him from a specific distance after moving it in a particular manner. The weapon fell on his flank and came out from between his two legs. He wanted to attack me but severe pain prevented him from doing so. He remained in the same condition till his soul departed from his body. Then I approached him very carefully and having taken out my weapon from his body returned to the army of Quraysh and waited for my freedom”. WikiPedia

When Hazrat Hamza was dead, Hinda cut open his abdomen, plucked out his liver and chewed it up to take vengeance, after that she cut other limbs of her body like nose, ears and made a necklace which she wore on her way back to show it as a sign of victory.

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